sábado, 11 de octubre de 2008

Learning like an atom

My conclusion in this moment about the possible practice of informal connectivist learning in formal groups is this image:

How to bring some "Connectivism learning" in the "formal learning" at the school?
That is the question that Emanuela Zibordi and me have in the Moodle cours CCK08

The formal class has to integrate the informal autonomous learning of the students and motivates it.

(We can give it the name of "atomic learning" jajjaja...)

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Maru dijo...

Hi Carlos!
Thanks for your comment. I have heard of linked blogs from teachers that link their students blogs to a course blog but I have not attempted to do it. Good luck with that!

As for bringing the "Latin differences" to Moodle I think it's a bit late, it belongs to last week's subject and as you mention it may bring prejudices to the table. I don't like that but if you thing it's worth go ahead. I have not visited Moodle this week but I will make room to participate.

I hope you can catch up with the other electrons in Connectivitas tomorrow, I had a great chat with Dolores in my Launchroom 2 hours ago.

Que descanses. Besos

Gabriel dijo...

Carlos, what I capture is the way of looking at the learning fenomenon, making a strong shift, that in a way is validating strongly what we are doing right now, shich is to learn with others, conected globaly through this tecnologies.
And puting the conection at the center, so that we elaborate language and distinctions there, so that we can better navigate and design and delivery whatever our activity is.
Un cordial saludo