miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2008

CCK08: Helping myself

Sharing isn't just about helping others. It's also about helping ourselves to understand a concept in a more complete manner.
S. Downes (The Daily, 01.10.08)

I like this sentence, because I think that is an important point in "connectivism" and in the "normal life" of everyone: We share to help others or we share really because we need it?
Now it finished the illuminate discussion of today and I don´t know really why someones are so worried about the participation of the others. Control... Filters... Ey! "Let the people alone"... If I don´t participate, it is my problem, and it is maybe because I can´t or I don´t want, but that doesn´t mean that I am not learning. I learn... when I can and what I can.
Finally if I am in a network is not to work more... it is to work less or to work more efficiently. The magic word is "autonomy".

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