domingo, 26 de octubre de 2008

Blogging in the class: Practicals models with connectivist inspiration

These 4 models are also 4 steps to implement a practical of connectivist learning with blogging in the formal teaching classes.

From the forum in Moodle:
I am also very interesting in the practical application of the ideas of networks in the "formal class" and I see also in the blogs a very good tool for that. I want to show us a little schema of 4 differents uses of blogs for the courses, it is in my CCK08 blog It is made with "paint", that means not very impresive ; ) But I think that can be interesting.

In the past I use blogs like I describe in model A: An only teachers Blog for all the group, but this year I try to practice some new "connectivist ideas" and I start with model B: Each student have his/her own blog. Now I am in model C: An internal network of students and teacher Blogs and try to implement the model D: An open network of Blogs with all possibles external nodes.

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Frances Bell dijo...

Have you seen this blog post Carlos?

Carlos dijo...

Ey! Thank you for the link!
It shows very interesting...